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eMD Overview


Exemplo Medical develops, sells and supports Medical Outcome Analysis Systems. Our products are designed to address the needs of medical professionals in distinct medical specialties. 

The full suite of eMD applications can be deployed on a single computer, a Local Area Network (LAN), an Intranet or the Internet. This permits customer to choose to install the application on their own equipment, or have the application hosted on the Internet.

eMD Central and its applications are highly flexible, browser-based applications used by surgery professionals to effectively collect, store and review patient information. It allows multiple users to simultaneously analyze and report clinical outcomes from remote locations, while implementing HIPAA security and privacy compliance guidelines. 

Exemplo has also developed additional solutions to compliment our robust specialty EMR applications that include eMD Scheduler, Patient Portal, Partner Portal and eMD Mobile.

eMD Central and its applications were developed with the input of surgeons and has evolved through continuous feedback from customers. The application is designed to collect standardized clinical data to allow for comparative analysis of benchmark and other pooled data. In addition, it supports the need for user-defined data elements unique to individual programs.

Product Lines

Currently, Exemplo Medical has five specialty applications in the eMD Series.