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BOLD Product Integration

Since the ASBS conference in June 2007 there has been a growing amount of confusion over the responsibilities for  entering data into the BOLD database. As you all know both the SRC and Exemplo Medical have publicly stated we are going to have an interface to move automatically all the SRC required data from eMD Central database into the SRC's BOLD database. This means that you DO NOT have to enter any data into the BOLD database to maintain your certification. You only need to continue your current data entry and follow up procedures in place using eMD Central.

The confusion has come around the issue of when the data must begin to be entered into the BOLD database. Do you have to double enter? Do you have to start now while the interfaces are being finalized? Do you have to dedicated resource to manage this data entry?.... The answer, from the SRC, is NO. The following is extracted with authorization from an email we received, August 23, 2007:

"Any BOLD data entry user that is currently using a participating third-party database for tracking their bariatric patients will not be required to duplicate entry of data if the participating vendor meets the data integration requirements by November 15, 2007.  Data from the affected programs not using the BOLD UI will continue to be captured by the third-party system.  When the participating vendor has successfully completed integration with SRC, the data for new patients entered as of September 1, 2007 will be moved to BOLD via the data integration interface."

What does this mean? Until our interface is up and running you do not have to enter any data into the BOLD system. At this time the SRC and EM are working hard to build an interface between the two systems. We have had several meetings and the guidelines for data transfer have been communicated from the SRC to us. We are now awaiting a testing server to begin testing the interface to insure all the data is transferred without error. We are committed to have this interface implemented ASAP for all of our customers who wish to use it.

How this will function is still being finalized, but you will decide on what frequency your data will be automatically transmitted to BOLD. Once this is done, you enter your outcomes data into eMD Central and you will not have to worry about about data going to BOLD.  With your permission, we will provide all data entered from September 1, 2007 to BOLD and you will be completely current with the SRC. All this will be provided to our customers with no additional cost to you from Exemplo Medical.