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Costs and Limitations

This certified product-version require ongoing monthly costs to support online patient service (170.314.e.1).

This certified product-version require one-time costs to establish interfaces for reporting to immunization registries, cancer registries, and public health agencies (170.314.f.2, 170.314.f.4, 170.314.f.6).

There is no minimum length of contract required for this functionality. This certified product-version may require one-time cost plus a monthly transaction fee to create, display, incorporate, receive or transmit transition of care / referral summaries using the Direct Project (170.314.b.1, 170.314.b.2, 170.314.e.1).

The identified costs require a one-year minimum contract. Support of integration of this certified product-version with other ONC certified systems require additional one-time costs. .