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eMD for Bariatrics (MDB) Overview

eMD for Bariatrics (MDB) is a computer application focused on four main areas:

Patient Information

Records patient's contacts, referring physician, co-morbidities, allergies, weight loss programs and family history.

Operation Information

Records primary operation type, duration, additional procedures, previous procedures and complications. Each type of operation has its own set of detailed data, i.e., when performing a gastric bypass the application also records the type of non-adjustable gastric band.

Follow-Up Visits

Contains all visits performed by the patient since the initial visit. Each visit addresses changes in weight, changes in co-morbidities and Quality of Life surveys.

BOLD Integration

Data capture and rule enforcement compatible with BOLD. eMD Central provides a seamless integration with BOLD, while adding extensive practice management features and electronic medical records functionality.