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eMD for Interventional Radiology (MDIR) Benefits

Extensive patient information capture

Health history
Visits history
Medication history
Laboratory results
External document linking

Streamline office functions

Insurance tracking
Paperless medical chart
Multiple user support
Advanced search capabilities
ICD-9 and CPT coding
Generation of operative reports

Improve follow-up

Multiple patient contact methods
Auto generation of visits schedule
Track overdue patients
Auto generation of custom letters
Multiple visit types allowing measured or reported data
Workflow tasks

Reliable technology

Relational database
Browser based application
Remote database synchronization
Table driven look-up values
Online backup creation Scalable database

Result tracking

Multiple procedure support
Surgery complications
Data analysis reports

HIPAA compliance

Multiple record access levels
Encrypted database
Record read/write/delete logging
128 bit encrypted communications
Unique code patient identifier
Timer based auto log-off