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Version 6.00 Release Notes

New Features

ASMBS MBSAQIP Certification (COE) Support

Exemplo Medical has created a special environment to aid the data collection required for MBSAQIP certification. Our new release addresses several problems that you are facing:

1. Data Collection for Outcomes Tracking
Using eMD Central ensures you have access to all the features, reporting and follow up tools you are accustomed to while entering data that can be used in ANY certification program, e.g. MBSAQIP, BOLD, and or insurance companies.

2. Ensuring Adjudicated Data
eMD Central creates a special user who actually has a separate database of data that will be used for the certification data. This data is printed on the actual ACS BSCN forms provided by the MBSAQIP program. They are saved and can be recalled at any time for review, audit or to be used for data entry to the BSCN system.

3. Certification Data Entry Timeliness
Exemplo Medical has taken care to provide feedback telling WHEN the data should be reported. The MBSAQIP process has time frames for different kinds of data entry. Our system will automatically present the patients and the data necessary to be supplied, when those parameters have been met.

The benefits then are you can continue to use a fully feature outcomes tracking system while reducing the time necessary to collect the data necessary for certification and reduce possible errors of transcription when filling out the forms.

SRC BOLD Certification Integration

Exemplo Medical fully supports the SRC's BOLD 2.0's new data criteria. We were one of the first vendors certified for data integration with the original program and have continued our support to provide this service with the updated BOLD system.


Providing a fully customizable way to manage each step of a bariatric patient's journey from lead generation through initial interest, patient work up, weight management, surgery and beyond. Fully integrated within eMD Central, you build on the information acquired at each step of your process, creating a full picture of the potential patient while managing their bariatric journey. You have full access to analyze and update your patient pipeline through advanced reporting features as well as a detailed management dashboard which highlights key measurement points.

Enhanced Patient Communication

eMD Central has implemented several exciting new features to better reach your patients and partners. First, you can now send SMS/Text messages to your patients cell phones either in free form or by using our letter syntax. Second, all email communication can now be sent password protected, enabling the transfer of sensitive patient information in a secure fashion.

In addition, with the use of our powerful Decision Support feature, customers that have our Scheduler or Practice Management (purchased add on) software can now have patients reminded of their upcoming appointments automatically. Each day, at a time you have selected and a certain number of days in advance, your patients will be sent an email and or text message. This simple feature will reduce appointment no shows and help you fine tune your schedule loading to make better use of you and your teams valuable time.

Finally, our fax module (purchased add on) can now both received AND send faxes from eMD Central. For example, the surgeon may dictate an operative report, then send it via fax to multiple referring doctors with a click of the mouse, reducing the time required to generate paper, and time required to fax the document to each entity. The fax is saved in Documents and logged as sent in the patients record. Finally, every document stored in the system can be fax or emailed to the patient or any contact listed for the patient, again reducing time and paper while keeping a running log of your patient and referring doctor communications.

New Modules

Exemplo Medical has listened to our customer and worked hard to enhance our product. The upgrades and modules below can be acquired for additional cost.

ARRA ONC Certified

eMD Central can be upgraded to eMD Central Plus (purchased upgrade) to take advantage of the CMS Reimbursement program. With this option you have Meaningful Use and Quality Measure dashboards that tell you the status of each reporting provider's adherence to the CMS standards. Tasks such as providing patients timely access to their records have been automated through the Patient Portal, allowing patients to access a report for printing or download a CCR to share with other medical providers. Our product is ONC certified with the Drummond Group.

Interface Capabilities

Over the last several years Exemplo Medical has improved and optimized our ability to interface with other systems, whether EMR's or other types data collection. While we prefer to use HL7 (Health Level Seven) our Partner Portal is not limited to only this. Data can be gleaned from one system and passed to another reducing the need for duplicate data entry, for example ADT messages (Admission, Discharge, Transfer) provide simple demographic information and can substantially reduce the time it takes to get a new patient checked in. To date we have built interfaces for Epic, McKesson, GE Centricity and IDX, AllScripts, Meditech and NextGen EMR's and can support Lab data from LabCorp and QuestDiagnostics as well as other vendors.

Practice Management

Save your practice time and money by using our comprehensive, cloud based, and system integrated practice management solution. You can from within eMD Central, a market-leading electronic health record (EHR) system, use powerful time-saving workflow processes for billing, inventory management and patient scheduling. All this while using eMD Central's simple, easily to learn and use interface, providing optimum medical staff efficiency, cost management and patient satisfaction.


ePrescribing is a fully integrated and automated electronic prescription module for eMD Central. Adding this to your EMR wii provide safe and timely delivery of prescriptions, point-of- care access to patient's eligibility and formulary, reduced errors related to drug-to-drug and drug allergy interactions as well as misread hand-written scripts, minimize doctor-pharmacy communication and easier and faster prescription authorization-fulfillment-renewal. These improvements will streamline office process and reduce of eliminate paper, which will lead to reduced practice costs and improved efficiencies as you and your team manage refills with the click of a button and no longer have to respond to “fax backs” to the pharmacies.

Release Notes 6.0

Menu Bar

  • Added Suspend button
  • Muted selection button colors unless active


  • Technical Support via Skype
  • Workstation Options - you can define the number of grid rows in Patient Search


  • Action Plan Maintenance - new feature to create decision trees, checklists and workflows.
  • Class Maintenance - Feature added to our Scheduler module. You can now create a list of names associated with an education class.
  • ClinicInformation(newandchanged)
  • Use BMI for EWL and Default BMI for EWL fully implemented.
  • Patient Header - show Date of Birth or Age in menu bar by patient name
  • Past Due in Patient Header (Practice Management Module only)
  • Letter Editor-PDF fully implemented
  • Claim Submission (Practice Management Modul eonly)
  • CCRMode - Continuity of Care (Certified Productonly)
  • Display Last Session (HIPAA requirement)
  • Encryption Type (used for sending PHI by email)
  • Encrypt Forward Faxes (password protected document)
  • Allow unencrypted emails (Allow email content to be sent unencrypted.
  • Clinical Decision Support Queries-New feature that is configured by Exemplo Medical.
  • COE Configuration - BSCN - define program start date and authorized user.
  • Combine Insurance
  • Combine Workflow
  • Error log - created to help Exemplo Medical problem solve issues.
  • Ideal Weight Table - Calculate ideal weight based on a given BMI.
  • Inventory Maintenance (Practice Management Module only)
  • Inventory Barcodes (Practice Management Module only)
  • Inventory Levels (Practice Management Module only)
  • Inventory Maintenance (Practice Management Module only)
  • Inventory Purchase (Practice Management Module only)
  • Letters - new letter syntax
  • Outbox Claims Log (Practice Management Module only)
  • Outbox Maintenance - listing of all email, SMS and faxes sent
  • PDF Form Maintenance - Manage PDF forms in the system

Patient Info

  • Notes - all notes from all parts of the system are collated here.
  • Messages - Internal messages, email (if allowed) and SMS are sent from this
  • Steps - Seminar to Surgery management of your patient

Clinic Info

  • Vital Signs - Target BMI works with Ideal Weight BMI
  • Send To - you can send letters via encrypted email and fax (if you have purchased our fax outbound module.)
  • Visit Overview

Subjective Dynamic Notes

  • Predefined comments, multiple comments can be added in any order desired using a check box.
  • Letter Syntax (@@variable@@) can be used to bring patient specific data into the comment.
  • Dynamic variable entry, ##templategroup##. Clicking on this in comment will bring up a window that will show all the template group entries, with check boxes to select one or multiple to be entered with commas and an and between the last two.
  • Dynamic variable in-line creation - by typing ##templategroup##, you can define a new template group, that will open and allow for the addition of more template group values.


  • Sent To - can now check off any document in the system to be emailed or faxed (add on module) to the contacts of the patient.


  • Dashboards
  • Treatment Steps - data analysis of the seminar to surgery feature
  • Meaningful Use (certified product only)
  • Quality Measures (certified product only)
  • Comorbidity Status - provides synopsis of the status of Comorbidities over a period of time. Break down of Unchanged, Improved, Aggravated, and Resolved.
  • COE - enhanced to allow reporting and analysis for both MBSAQIP and BOLD.
  • Billing (Practice Management Module only)
  • Inventory (Practice Management Module only)


  • Scheduler Display Changes
  • Added Advance Filter Support (must be turned on)
  • Calendar hover bubbles allow you to print or send reminder emails from Scheduler
  • Scheduler Option Changes
  • Made Day Length configurable
  • Added Lunch Time Start
  • Added Lunch Time Duration
  • Allow Appointments to be colored by Event or Resource
  • Scheduler Appointment Changes
  • Added ability to lookup patient from appointment creation screen.
  • No longer need to select appointment before creating the appointment.
  • Allow for additional appointment categories to be added
  • Added Apply button so appointments could be saved without leaving the appointment.
  • Added support for scheduling classes and seminars
  • Added Copay collection amount and ability to record copay collected
  • For customers with Billing Module
  • Added Copay payment type (cash, check, credit card)
  • Added copay reference field for notes like check number or authorization number.
  • If patient has a past due amount, added on screen notification
  • Added a payment button to allow for direct collection of payment from appointment screen
  • Added created by and modified by notes to the appointment.
  • Allow for the printing of a “Fee Slip” directly from appointment.
  • Scheduler Printing
  • Improved Scheduler Printing
  • Can print to printer or export to Excel. Excel now exports cleaner and contains lots of contact information to facilitate patient call lists.
  • Multiple bug fixes and performance improvements