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Exemplo MDB for Bariatrics

Patient Info

Provides access to vital detailed information regarding patients including: referring doctors and primary care physician contact information, emergency contacts, family history, insurance, work flow tasks, integrated letters, notes and bookmarks.

Patient Work flows

Offers bariatric programs the opportunity to identify, selectively assign and track patient specific tasks from registration through long term outcome. A subset of this information can then be shared with the patient in print form or via the Patient Portal. Reminder lists can be generated identifying remaining tasks to be completed.

Patient Visits

Displays a list of patient visits, organizing them by date and automatically calculating Body Mass Index (BMI), Excess Weigh Loss (EWL) and Percent of Excess Weight Loss (%EWL). It also provides access to comorbidities, laboratory results, images, forms, medications and band adjustments, previous medical history, previous procedures, weight loss programs and family history.

Track patient visits

Operation Details

Records the details of the surgical procedure. Data that can be collected includes: surgery type, members of the operative team, approach, complications, device used, hospital, hospital stay, various operative details (blood loss, duration, band settings), and other user defined fields can be used.


Includes pre-defined report formats, both text and graphics based, as well as user-defined queries. Reports include: Activity, Operation, Complication, Co-morbidity, and Mortality Types, Follow-up Analysis, Weight Loss, Patients Due, Patients Overdue, Insurance Reporting, and Audit Trail Reports.

Customized reporting

Patient Portal

Allows authorized patients to access specific areas of the database and perform tasks such as registration and virtual visits. The portal is intended to establish a closer relationship between the doctor and patient allowing patients to access historic weight changes, track food consumption, exercise activities, status of insurance, work flow task lists, co-morbidity updates, Quality of Life surveys, messaging with clinic staff and links to clinic recommended websites.  To learn more about Exemplo's Patient Portal, click here.