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Exemplo MD for Interventional Radiology

Patient Info

Provides access to vital detailed information regarding patients including: referring doctors and primary care physician contact information, emergency contacts, family history, insurance, workflow tasks, integrated letters, notes and bookmarks.

Patient Workflows

Offers Interventional Radiology practices the opportunity to identify, selectively assign and track patient specific tasks from registration through long term outcome. A subset of this information can then be shared with the patient in print form or via the Patient Portal. Reminder lists can be generated identifying remaining tasks or tests to be completed.

Patient Visits
Displays a list of patient visits and treatments organizing them by date and automatically calculating a variety of measured criteria. It also provides access to medical conditions, laboratory results, images, forms, SOAP notes and medications.

Treatment Details

Records the details of medical procedures. Data that can be collected includes: procedure or treatment type, provider detail, approach, complications, location, hospital stay and other user defined fields can be created.


Includes pre-defined report formats, both text and graphics based, as well as user-defined queries. Reports include: Activity, Treatments, Complications, Follow-up Analysis, Patients Due, Patients Overdue, Insurance Reporting, and Audit Trail Reports.

Disease Management 

The Disease Management Module contains functionality that allows efficient tracking of IR patients, as well as the outcome generation associated with a comprehensive Disease Management program. Through the use of easy to see “stop lights” you can quickly assess the state of your patient and drill down to the information that really matters, reducing the time required to review history.