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Patient Portal

The Patient Portal Module allows authorized patients to access specific areas of the database and perform tasks such as registration and virtual visits.


The portal is intended to establish a closer relationship with the patient and allow access to historic weight changes while providing tools for the patient to track food consumption and exercise activities.

When performing a virtual visit, the patient can be asked to indicate present weight, perform surveys, update status of co-morbidities and update demographic information.

Patient Portal Features... 

My Clinic – Log of visits performed at the clinic with associated measurements such as weight, BMI, Excess Weight Loss (EWL) values and percentages. Also provides ability to do clinic virtual visits to report weight changes.

My Journal – Daily log for weight changes and personal notes.

My Diet – Daily food journal that records food types and calculates nutrient values according to the USDA SR-16 database.

My Exercise – Daily log for exercise activities which calculates the consumption of calories.

My Info – Summary screen displaying values and charts of weight goals, progress, food intake and exercise.

Messaging – Provides the ability to exchange private and secure messages between clinical staff and patients.

Links – Provides links defined by the clinic to specific web sites, such as support groups and specialized food suppliers.